New Year Resolutions

There are some new year resolutions which will bring positive changes in your life and behaviour. Life gives us a chance to start afresh everyday then
Hello my Brothers and Sisters! A very very Happy New Year To All. You're heartiest welcome in Brahmand Tak Blogs.Today we are going to write on New Year Resolutions. 

New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year 2022
Happy New Year

Life gives us a chance to start afresh every day then why should we wait for the new year's morning to make resolutions. It's human tendency to do something new on only some special days let it be new year, their birthday, anniversary, any festival or spiritual day. And these special days brings a new hope and positve energy which gives you the strength to make and keep determinations. So let's forget the bad memories and warmly welcome 2022. 

Here are some new year's resolutions that will bring positive changes in your life and behaviour. 

Always Think Good And Big

Think Big

It doesn't matter what you'll do and get but atleast you can think good and big. Don't let the bad thinkings come in your mind. Be calm and always respect others whether they deserve it or not but its your manners and good nature. In short always be postive and spread love.

A Resolution Of Being Fit Always

Workout Motivation

Health is wealth. These lines are too old but its meaning is getting more & more deep now a days. It's the era of fitness , good looking and stamina. Besides of fitness your health is more important than all other things. So start doing workout , Yoga , Meditation with a healthy and vegetarian diet.

Make A Habit Of Drinking lots Of Water

Drink A Lot Of Water

The best medicine in the world is water . You won't believe me but it's true. If a man drinks 4-5 ltr water per day, his chances of getting sick is reduced to 95 percent rather than normal person. As 60 percent parts of our body are made of water, so our body requires lots of water daily. Many bad and waste elements come out of our body with water. There many diseases that can be avoided by drinking lots of water. Some of them are : Dehydration, Kidney Stone, Headache, Fever, Cough, Muscle Pain, Stress. So this year please make a habit of drinking lots of water.

Say Bye Bye To Nonveg

Go Vegan Be Human
Go Vegan

I know that most of you people are non-vegetarian. Still I am putting this topic that means a lot. You can understand how much i dare. No One wants to write on a topic that's against their readers. So please praise my courage and try to understand this never touched issue. I know most of you love dogs or cat or some other cute animals and want to be animal lovers. Than why you kill an another animal called chicken or goat or whatever else for no reason just because of your dinner taste. Is a life so cheap. Why an innocent animal is slaughtered just to satisfy our hunger. We fight everyday for our rights, in India now a days a right is trending i.e. freedom of expression but animals don't have even the right to live. Its really very hypocritc. People during eating chicken, cry for inhuman behaviour with an elephant. What would be more hypocritc than this? Avoid it as much as you can. If you don't eat chicken then you won't die but if you eat nonveg one's life is over. So I personally request you not to eat nonveg. Instead of it try another healthy vegetarian nutritious food. 

Stop Thinking of Others

Stop Thinking Of Others
Choose Your Own Way

Just do what your heart says. Don't think of others that what would they say. All are differents and our ways are different. We can't follow their rule, their thinkings. Be confident and fulfill your dreams.

Respect Women 

Respect Women
Respect Women

Always respect women whether she's your mom, your wife, your sister, your friend or anyone else. We are reading this because a women gave us birth. Don't misbehave  girls during their periods. We are born because of this divine process of women body.

Be Optimist

Be Optimist
Be Optimist

Always be Optimist.  Because where there is hope there are opportunities. 
Don't get discouraged about the past results your hard work will definitely pay off. Keep working dont worry about the results. Your positivity plays an important role in your journey. New Year Resolutions

Keep Learning

Keep Learning
Keep Learning

There in no age for learning. Always keep learning something new which will give you confidence as well as make you skilled. And atleast one book per month. It will sharpen your memory and increase your knowledge.

So guys it fully depends on you to make and keep these resolutions. If you liked our post New Year Resolutions please share it with your friends and family. Keep Suporting Us 💖


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